Luxury Safaris

5 star hotel

Luxury Safari

On our luxury safaris, we aim to give our guests the type of comforts and standards that you would find in a 5 star hotel room. Private Bedouin tents are set up with a double bed, hand made decors and carpets, an endless supply of seasonal fruits, comfortable foldable chairs, hot showers, freshly pressed fruit juices, exquisite cuisine prepared with freshly ground spices and particular attention paid to all details in general. All this without losing the desert feel, without any impact on the environment, and leaving our locations spotless and without a trace.

For a special occasion such as a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, family gathering or any reason to be spoilt, why not try one of our luxury safaris and enjoy the beauty of the desert in full comfort.

  • A personal guide is allocated to each couple/person. His duties include being at your service whenever you require so. To prepare extra coals that are buried deep under your bed to provide underground heating (if required), to make sure coffee, tea, infusions, water and fresh juices are available to you throughout the day.
  • Tents are equipped with beds and top quality mattresses with clean sheets, blankets, pillows and cases, candles, fruit basket, tissues, towels, folding chairs, Bedouin seating area with a small ‘mangad’ (like a rounded metal tray) filled with warm coals and tea and coffee pots, handmade carpets and decorations.
  • Exquisite cuisine is part of the menu. Freshly prepared meals cooked with love and inspiration with only the top quality ingredients.

For more information, please e-mail us:

The Luxury Bedouin tent viewed from the outside in the stunning desert setting.

And this is how it looks on the inside!

Camping out in the desert in full comfort

Full comfort desert safari

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