About us

Sinai Safari has over 15 years experience organising authentic Bedouin desert tours. We are a Bedouin owned association, therefore our safaris are managed and guided by some of the best local Bedouin guides. From short overnight stays to 2 week-long treks, we offer a variety of itineraries and programmes to suit all needs and budgets. Our guests may choose a private a tailor-made safari or join one of our packages which never exceed 8 people in order to fully appreciate the wonders of the desert without the disadvantages of over crowded tours.

We offer a complete and unique desert experience with exclusive programmes offered by no other safari guides such as silent walks, observing the planets through a telescope and night trekking lit up by the moon. We also provide the services for yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong and meditation groups since our isolated locations in the desert are ideal for these practises. Chose between a retreat or a safari by camel, car, on foot or a combination.

Our guides share their knowledge with their guests as there is a lot to learn from the desert and its people. Their knowledge is vast and we invite our guests to ask whatever they may be interested in, from Bedouin history, culture and general lifestyle to information about flora, fauna, the night sky and much more.

Sinai Safari have also taken a leading role in the Dahab Bedouin Festival group which organised South Sinai’s first ever Bedouin Festival. The group is also involved in promoting and sustaining Bedouin culture, organising events, protecting the environment, promoting ecology and organising regular clean ups in Dahab, its surroundings and the desert.

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