Flora and fauna

Posts about the plants and wildlife of the Sinai desert.


Sinai Desert’s Wildlife

Sinai Dhubb

Horned Viper

Black Scorpion Wadi Arada

Wolf Spider Wadi Zelega



Desert Mantis

And the strangest of all…please contact us if you have any information about this…thing!

Duda’t Breyr

The Bedouin who know this insect say that legend has it that it is so venemous that “if it bites you in the sun, you will not make it to the shade”. However no known story of anyone being bitten is recorded…

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Sinai Desert Residents

The Sinai Dhubb


Happy to see you….

Praying Mantis

Don’t trust the females if you are a male praying mantis. They will seduce you then eat you alive when they have finished with you…

Caterpillar Before…


Butterfly After…

More pics soon…

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Wildlife safaris


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