A collection of our best pics

It has been an amazing season for the desert, as usual, with the very big special added bonus of rain, more than what anyone under the age of 40 has ever seen.  Here is a small collection of some of the best pics taken by ourselves and our guests since October. Now it is time to go out and drink goat’s milk and collect plants, we will be doing regular day and over night trips throughout April, you are welcome to contact us

dave night shot 2


small flood

children run into the flood






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Too good, but still true! RAIN!

There is an overwhelming feeling of joy in some of the villages in the desert, for the 3rd time, many areas have flooded again after some intense rainfall on the 4th and 5th of November. Given that the last decade was one of the driest in living memory, the sudden switch to the rain of the old days means that many Bedouin are seeing what they hadn’t seen since their childhood or had only heard of.

Here are just a few more pics of the last flooding taken on the 6th of november.

This Leysoof plant has come back to life in its already extraordinary circumstances

If you are interested in joining us one of our coming excursions to the desert, it is always a pleasure for us to share these experiences. Feel free to contact us

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A solution for rubbish

Introducing the new Rubbishinator 3000.The Rubbishinator 3000

You can buy a Rubbishinator 3000 from most supermarkets in Dahab for as little as 6 le (includes 6 litres of water-also available for free with no water). This incredible technological creation will contain most inorganic waste and can carry up to 3 big bin bags worth of rubbish when you compress it.

It has an inbuilt anti-goat system and also carries the latest no-wind-scatter technology. More and more people are using the Rubbishinator 3000:

“I have been using the Rubbishinator 3000 for the last year, it has changed my life”.
John from Mashraba

“The Rubbishinator 3000 just makes everything easier for me, no smelly bins at home, no more dirtying the streets”. Lisa from Assala

Once you adopt the Rubbishinator 3000 system, you will never turn back.

The Rubbishinator 3000, move into the future

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