Our safaris

Sinai Safari has over 15 years experience organising Bedouin desert tours in Egypt’s Sinai desert. We are a Bedouin owned association, therefore our safaris are managed and guided by some of the best local guides: ecological, authentic and experienced.

We offer traditional excursions and a complete and unique desert experience with exclusive programmes offered by no other safari guides.

Our safaris

1 day and overnight excursions to the most famous locations in South Sinai:

  • St Katherine’s monastery and Mt Moses

  • The white, coloured or double canyon

  • Ein Hudra and Wadi Gunei oases

  • Nawamis, Gebel Makhroom (hole in the mountain), el Hedouda sand dune

  • The Blue Hole and Ras Abu Galloum

  • Any location in South Sinai

We also have a selection of programmes offered only by ourselves and in areas that are only slightly or not frequented by anyone at all, from 1 to 14 days, by camel, car, or on foot.

  • The secret canyons and locations.

  • Silent walks: hiking in silence or spending even longer periods with only the sounds of nature

  • Plant discovery: learning about the incredible variety of medicinal and other plants in the Sinai

  • Star Gazing: observing the moon, stars and planets through a telescope

  • Night trekking, lit up by the moon

  • Barefoot trekking: a unique and effective way to release stress and regain energy

  • Yoga-Meditation-Qi Gong retreats or safaris

  • Women only safaris, no men allowed, guided by Bedouin women only.

  • Photography-Meditation-Cooking-Camel riding- the options are endless…

Prices depend on the number of guests and the time spent in the desert. For more information, check out our website

or contact us.

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